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About us

With our hearts and souls in Åmotfors

The company that would grow into Antiphon AB was founded in October 5th 1960 under the name Frank Dahlberg AB and was located in the small industrial village of Åmotfors in the county of Värmland.

The industry was small enough to fit into a room not bigger than 20 square meters and focused on manufacturing fans for car windshields.

Proud to be in the front of development

Over 60 years later the premises have grown bigger, but the heritance of strong industry traditions lives on within our company. Today we manufacture sound proofing materials and NVH-solutions of many kinds with daily deliveries to some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers.

In collaboration with, and an on-going exchange of ideas and experience with the leading car brands, we strive to be a front figure in the acoustic field of the sub supplier industry.

Every day, Antiphon is proud to be part of the progress and to be able to contribute to new innovations in the automotive industry.

Antiphon laboratorium och kontroller för rätt lösningar

Our own lab

To be able to offer high quality products with high noise absorbing and damping capacity that fit a wide variability of applications, we have our own lab where we consistently measure and observe our materials to optimize their abilities.

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