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Områden Areas and noise reduction

Areas and noise reduction

Find solutions in a constructive and collaborative way

Antiphon AB has long experience of developing acoustic solutions for a great variation of applications. We work closely together with our customers from the very start, to find the best solutions to their acoustic problems and to meet their demands for a god acoustic environment in and around their end product.

Cars, vehicles and commercial traffic ​on a road in the sunset

Cars & commercial traffic

At the beginning of the construction of all vehicles there is an acoustic demand as a metric and we know how important it is that everything works smoothly – but that it does not always do.

Tysta lösningar för fordon i yrkestrafiken. Silent solutions for vehicles in commercial traffic.

Electric vehicles

With a tradition of innovation and technical competence, Antiphon is a leading distributor in the development towards a quieter and greener electrified future. Chargeable vehicles make a bigger and bigger part of the market and here at Antiphon we work purposely to find new technical solutions customized for a new kind of car industry.

Lösningar för laddningsbara fordon i yrkestrafiken

Ventilation and building acoustics

Good ventilation is key for a good in-house environment. Air movements, vibrating ventilation drums or air leakage in the wrong places can lead to a lot of undesired noise that in turn can lead to stress and bad working conditions in your work space.

Ventilation för bra arbetsmiljö

Public transport

Public transport is used by millions of people daily. When we spend time in public transport we shouldn’t have to think about the sound of the train tracks beneath the train, the wind swishing around the body of the bus or the ventilation in the metro station.

Ljud från kollektivtrafiken

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