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Locate your noise source

At the beginning of the construction of all vehicles there is an acoustic demand and we know how important it is that everything works smoothly – but not always do.

Noise from the engine, structure-borne sounds from the oil pan, friction from the road or the wind swishing around the cars body are sound sources that can distract from what is important and that can be disturbing and tiring if they are not taken care of properly.

Reach your demands

Our products and materials are adjustable to fit your wishes and demands specifically. We help to remove undesired NVH-problems so that you can focus on doing your job, without disturbing noise in your vehicles.

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Measures to succeed

When the acoustic demands are defined and the noise sources located the solution is easy to find. We often participate in constructive working methods with our customers to choose the right material and the best acoustic solution.

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We would love to give a presentation of our solutions regarding your needs and demands. Please contact us for a digital meeting.

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