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Electric vehicles

New acoustic demands give new challenges

With a tradition of innovation and technical competence, Antiphon is a leading supplier in the development towards a quieter and greener electrified future.

Chargeable vehicles take a bigger and bigger part of the market and at Antiphon we work purposely to find new technical solutions customized for a new kind of car industry.

Starting with you

Our experience does best when combined with hands on problems and in collaboration with you as a costumer. To locate disturbing noises as early as possible in the process leads to the most satisfactory result in the end.

This is why we love to share our knowledge and actively take part in R&D-work to make our customers as satisfied as possible.

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Measures to succeed

When the combustion engine is removed, we find a new kind of acoustic profile with new challenges. Friction from the road, the wind swishing around the body of the car or vibrations that before were over ruled by the noise from the engine are now perceived in a different way and demand different acoustic solutions. For the electric car to have a high comfort, the acoustic profile needs to be comfortable, without vibrations or disturbing air-borne sounds.

The right materials which can absorb and dampen the unwanted sound waves are of most importance for a better user environment.

Sealing materials and insulation

The traditional combustion engine is also a source of heat, which when taken away, gives electric cars further demands on isolation and challenges regarding temperature. Electric cars are using more power in cold temperatures and you need a body that is well insulated to keep the energy use at a minimum.

Good choices regarding thermo-acoustic materials help keeping the leakage of heat and noise to a minimum and insulate the car at the same time –  this is desirable both from an environmental and economical point of view.

Our solutions are developed simultaneously

Our solutions are developed and adjusted together with the variations of vehicles on our roads. In our business, we have all the right tools to work with you as a customer to adjust and develop materials and products that the new automotive industry demands.

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