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Together from start towards an acoustic solution

With long experience of finding good acoustic solutions together with our customers, we can offer a rewarding collaboration from start to find a satisfactory end result.

Isolering produkter

Our own production for NVH-solutions

The solution is the choice of materials which meets the customers’ demands regarding design and function to reach a good acoustic environment in and around the end product. In our modern facilities, we cut and form the details to fit the final application.

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stomljudsdämpande laminatplåt

antiphon® MPM – structure-borne sound damping steel laminate

antiphon® MPM™ fulfils two requirements. It not only dampens structure-borne sounds but also replaces already existing sheet metal. This means that in most cases you don’t have to add material to dampen the construction which leads to lower weight, more space and less cost. antiphon® MPM™ is used for a wide range of applications, mainly within the automotive industry but for other industry and customer applications as well.

antiphon lim produktion, production

antiphon® LA – air-borne sound absorbents

antiphon® LA™ is a family of open cell foam materials that is used in various applications as air borne sound absorbents. The details are cut into sizes and shapes best fit for the final application. They are available with or without adhesive and can be supplied with various surface coatings to suit the final application.

Ld-Ldk stomljudsdämpande mattor, structure-borne sound damping pads

LD, LDK – structure-borne sound damping pads

antiphon® LD™ and antiphon® LDK™ are two different materials used to dampen structure-borne sounds in constructions of steel or plastic and which have excellent damping properties in relation to their low weight. antiphon® LDK™ is our premium product within the area of sound damping pads for structure-borne sounds.

Antiphon LDK kork

LDK damping pads for structure-borne sound damping

antiphon® LDK™ is our premium product within the area of sound damping pads for structure-borne sounds. It is a self-adhesive light weight pad consisting of one thin aluminium skin and one layer of cork material.

svartvit produktionsbild

LT-F – sealing materials

antiphon® LT-F™ sound and thermo-insulating solutions are elastic sealing materials with a closed cellular structure with a skin on one or both sides. It’s effective when needed to insulate against moist and heat and has resistant chemical durability.

antiphon produktion detaljbild

LA LV – light weight absorbents

antiphon® LA LV is a highly effective and easily installed absorbent which is cut into the size and form best fit for the final application. The material is an air-borne sound absorbing light weight material made from PET-PP.


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