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Svart skumplastmaterial, black cell foam materials

antiphon® LA™– air borne sound absorbents

antiphon la luftljudsabsorbenter, air-borne sound absorbents

A family of open cell foam materials

antiphon® LA™ is a family of open cell foam materials that is used in various applications as air borne sound absorbents. Because sound absorption varies depending on the sounds’ frequency and the thickness of the material, these products are adapted to a range of different sizes to be optimized for all kinds of different applications. antiphon® LA™ fulfil various fire classification requirements.

They are available with or without adhesive and can be supplied with various surface coatings to suit the final application.

antiphon la produkter, sound absorbing materials

Areas of use

Antiphon LA™ is our group of sound absorbing materials with the ability to reduce air borne noise, seal two applications together or prevent squeaking or unpleasant noise appearing in for example passenger cars, trucks or construction machinery.

Other applications where it serves its purpose is in built-in applications in machine tools, compressors, computers, printers, switch points, fans, electric engines etc.

Antiphon LA™ can also be combined and laminated with our structure borne damping materials to get an even broader acoustic area of use. Ask us if you are interested in knowing more!

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The antiphon LA group of products

svart skumplast, properties for sound absorption.

antiphon® LA™

Absorbing air borne sound

This material is available in various qualities with different properties for sound absorption.

antiphon® LA S is used to dampen both high and middle frequencies and the product can be adapted in thickness and density to gain optimal function and result.

antiphon® LA SIII has the highest absorption rate and is also compliable with fire requirements UL 94 HF1.

antiphon luftljudsabsorbent med folie​, la foil

antiphon® LA Foil™

Air borne sound absorbent with foil

This is a group of self-adhesive polyurethane foam with protective film of various kinds. This material can be ordered in various thickness to comply acoustically with different applications

svart LDA, damping pads

antiphon® LDA™

Absorbent and damping pads combined

This is a combination of the LA absorbent and the LD sound damping pads. These two materials combined to one gives us our LDA – a sound absorbing product that gives us the benefits of both the antiphon® LDTM and the antiphon® LATM and thereby reduces both air-borne as well as structure-borne sounds.

Antiphon LTS sound damping

antiphon® LTS

Heavy layer

antiphon® LTS, heavy layer, is primarily intended for insulation of air borne sound by increasing weight but it also has certain structure borne sound damping properties, especially at low temperatures. antiphon LTS is a soft and flexible material with excellent ageing properties and resistance towards chemicals.


Miljöbild på svensk sjö i Årjäng med skog och vindkraftverk

Positive impact

LA is a material that is easy to handle and install without smell or dust. It has good sound absorbing properties and is manly manufactured from components from Sweden, which means less shipping and shorter transports.

Negative impact

The material used in the LA is a fossil based polyurethane foam which means that it contains chemicals including flame retardants (also halogens) as well as it is not recyclable.

The energy-intensive drying plant that is used in the manufacturing today is driven by fossil fuel.  


To live up to the safety requirements the polyurethane has to be flame retardant. Our distributor is working on developing a flame retardant with lower environmental impact.

We are also consistently looking for possibilities to reuse the waste from the manufacturing in regenerated foam.

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