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LDK damping pads for structure-borne sound damping

Antiphon LDK premiumprodukt

A Premium product

antiphon® LDK™ is our premium product within the area of sound damping pads for structure-borne sounds. It is a self-adhesive light weight pad consisting of one thin aluminium skin and one layer of cork material.

antiphon® LDK™ has a high, broad acoustic curve with a maximum loss factor at 25°C.

antiphon premiumprodukt inom stomljudsdämpning

Areas of use

antiphon® LDK™ is used in a wide range of applications in the automobile industry to dampen structure-borne sounds in steel- and plastic constructions such as doors, walls, ceilings, floors and wheel house.

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Sustainability aspects

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Positive impact

Our LDK has extremely good acoustic properties. It is a light weight material which consists of pure natural materials in the form of part cork and part aluminium which is easy to recycle and reuse.

The production process is simple and effective, with only small usage of water and small amounts of waste materials

Negative impact

Even though the aluminium in the product is recyclable, it takes a lot of energy to be produced. In the LDK we also use a water based glue as adhesive


With less vibrations in a structure or body part, you can reduce the amount of steel in a vehicle. With reduced weight you also reduce the fuel consumption. Direct positive impact when using structure borne noise damping materials.

Besides the excellent characteristics of LDK, we also use a supply which now is available when the wine industry has started to replace its traditional corks by plastic. The cork producers are today looking for new customers and applications.

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