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antiphon lt-f limproduktion, sealing material

antiphon® LT-F sealing and thermo-insulating materials

Antiphon LT-F tätningsmaterial, sealing material

Preventing sound leakage

antiphon® LT-F sealing material is used to prevent heat, moisture and sound leakage. The details are cut into the shapes and sizes best fit for the end application and are used for both thermo insulation and to prevent sound leakage.

Area of use

Sealing materials are used within a wide range of applications, for example to seal areas between tree, glass, plastic and rubber from leakage of noise and heat comprising temperatures from -25˚C to +95˚C.

There are a range of sealing materials to choose from to optimize the sealing of different surfaces depending on the demands of the customer.

Sustainability aspects

Miljöbild på svensk sjö i Årjäng med skog och vindkraftverk

Positive impact

Besides the good sealing properties, the LT-F is a light weight material. For the employees, it is easy to handle – there are no risk for injuries at installation and emits no smells or dust.

Negative impact

The material contains chemicals and can also contain flame retardants in the form of halogens.


Our suppliers are working to minimize the use of halogens as a flame retardant and replace it with substances easier on the environment.

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