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antiphon® LA LV light weight absorbents

Antiphon LV är ett ljudabsorberande lättviktsmaterial, sound absorbing material

Sound absorbing & self-adhesive

antiphon® LA LV is a sound absorbing, self-adhesive non-woven light weight material produced out of PET-PP. The material is easy to install and gives a clean and neat impression in relation to its sound absorbing properties.

Areas of use

antiphon® LA LV absorbs air-borne sounds well and is used in big volumes within the automotive industry and for different kinds of working machines, fans and compressors. The material can also be used to seal different surfaces.

The material is covered with glue and is cut into desired shapes and sizes and is flexible when applied to the surface.

Sustainability aspects

Miljöbild på svensk sjö i Årjäng med skog och vindkraftverk

Positive impact

This material is in demand thanks to extremely light weight and in addition it is very easy to handle. The material gives a very clean and neat impression.

Negative impact

The raw material is transported long distances and the base components PET-PP is an oil product.


We are looking into alternative raw materials to be able to shorten the logistic impact. PET-PP can be produced in recycled raw material.

 However it needs to be very clean which makes the recycle process more energy intensive. These different factors are now subject for discussion with the supplier.

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