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Sealing and insulation

antiphon tätningsmaterial, Sealing and insulation ​

Insulating qualities

Antiphon sealing and insulation materials are used within a wide range of applications, for example to seal areas between tree, glass, plastic and rubber from leakage of noise and heat, from temperatures between -25˚C to +95˚C.

The materials can be used as condensation insulation with great results.

Heavy layer as an insulating material aims to improve the sound damping in particular, with a higher weight. One duplication of the walls weight gives an increase of the walls reduction number with 6dB. In addition, it has some structure-borne sound damping properties.

antiphon tätningsmaterial

Specially adapted fitting

The details are cut into the shapes and sizes best fit for the final application and are used in sound- and heat insulation as well as to prevent noise leakage in various industries such as the automotive and construction industry.

Antiphon product solutions

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LT-F sealing and thermo-insulating materials

antiphon® LT-F sealing material is used to prevent heat, moisture and sound leakage. The details are cut into the shapes and sizes best fit for the end application and are used for both thermo insulation and to prevent sound leakage.


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