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Structure-borne sound damping

ound damping steel laminate

Acoustic loss factor

As a measure of ability to dampen structure-borne sound, the acoustic loss factor η is generally used. η specifies the proportion of vibration energy in a steel plate which is converted to heat, and therefore does not generate noise.

A high loss factor reduces the vibration level in a structure and therefore reduces the noise given off. An un-damped steel structure has a loss factor of between 0.001 and 0.01.

The highest theoretical possible loss factor is 1.0, but a structure-borne damping laminate is to be regarded as reasonable high if the loss factor exceeds 0.1.

antiphon stomljud

Consider temperature and frequency

The abilities of a damping material are depending on temperature and frequency. Temperature and frequency together with the thickness of the material is always considered whenever we want to use a specific material in an application.

Antiphon product solutions

stomljudsdämpande laminatplåt

MPM – structure-borne sound damping laminate

antiphon® MPM™ fulfils two requirements – it not only dampens structure-borne sounds, but also replaces already existing sheet metal. This means that in most cases you don’t have to add material to dampen the construction which leads to lower weight, more space and less costs.

antiphon® MPM™ is used for a wide range of applications, mainly within the automotive industry, but also for other industry and customer applications.


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Ld-Ldk stomljudsdämpande mattor, structure-borne sound damping pads

LD, LDK – structure-borne sound damping pads

antiphon® LD™ and antiphon® LDK™ are two different materials used to dampen structure-borne sounds in constructions of steel or plastic and which have excellent damping properties in relation to their low weight. antiphon® LDK™ is our premium product within the area of sound damping pads for structure-borne sounds.

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