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Locate your noise source

When we spend time in public transport we shouldn’t have to think about the sound of the train tracks beneath the train, the wind swishing around the body of the bus or the ventilation in the metro station.

Our products and materials are adjustable to fit your specific needs and demands. We help you to remove unwanted sound problems and to find an NVH-solution optimized for the environment in your vehicles.

Reach your demands

Public transport is used by millions of people daily. Busses, trains and subways transport people from their jobs, schools and activities every day. To use public transport is one of the most important things we can do in our everyday life to minimize our environmental footprint. To work towards making public transport smooth, comfortable and sustainable is important for a greener future. Hence, the demands on the automotive industry are sharpened, especially from an acoustic point of view in and around our buses, trains and subways.

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Measures to succeed

As well as for the staff working to make our public transport run as smoothly as possible every day, the travellers’ well-being and comfort is our highest priority.

Noise that is disturbing for the people that lives nearby train tracks and busy high ways is also a problem that needs to be taken care of. Therefor we work consistently with developing our products and materials together with our customers, to get applications which help reduce the noise around our public transport – everything to make our everyday travels pass without a sound.

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