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färgglad ljudmiljö för hållbar utveckling, Sustainable development

Sustainable development

The strive towards social, environmental and financial sustainability

Our ambition is to continuously reduce the negative impact of our operations. Our products contribute to a good acoustic environment for drivers and passengers within the transport sector which in turn leads to higher road safety and better environment in its surroundings.

We are also a business with few accidents and good working conditions.

In many ways, we do not only reach, but surpass the requirements for the chemicals we use.

footprint in sand

This does not mean that our footprint is insignificant

To achieve the quality and function demanded by the customers we use raw materials which mainly is fossil and of virgin origin. The production process is also relatively energy intensive.

In addition we use many different produced chemicals, even though all of them are cleared by our customers and of course we are following the REACH initiative.

This part of our operations is a challenge to us.

The work to minimize our impact

To minimize our impact and environmental footprint, we constantly work with making our energy use as efficient as possible and are making sure that the power we use comes from renewable sources.

Flying bumblebeeMost of our suppliers are based in Scandinavia and Europe, which help us keeping the emission from transport low. Apart from that, we are continuously looking for alternative materials that will meet the criteria and demands from our customers regarding weight, function and quality, to replace the fossil based materials. 

A great example of that is our LDK, a product consisting of cork and reusable aluminium.

Our ISO-certificates assures us that we are always working to improve ourselves within both quality as well as environmental aspects. This is why they are important tools for our ongoing work towards becoming a more conscious and sustainable business.

We are also working with close relations and Code of Conduct towards our suppliers in order to have as good overview as possible of the entire supply chain.  

Antiphon Acoustic Academy

We cherish our business and our business relations.

To us, business that rely on honesty and trust is the base and a condition to achieve wanted results and is therefore one of the corner stones in our operations.

Antiphon laboratorium och kontroller för rätt lösningar

Antiphon Acoustic Laboratory

To be able to always offer high quality products regarding both processed and acoustic properties, Antiphon got our own laboratory where we can make the necessary measurements and controls, to make you as a customer comfortable with your order and delivery.

Sustainable business

Many of these customers have been with us since the 80s. We work hard to make our customers choose Antiphon for good NVH-solutions again and again despite geographically long distances between us.

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