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Antiphon Acoustic Academy

With honesty and trust

We cherish our business and our business relations.

To us, business that rely on honesty and trust is the base and a condition to achieve wanted results and is therefore one of the corner stones in our operations

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Sustainability in reality

Within the frame of what is called Antiphon Acoustic Academy we invite customers, suppliers and partners to take part in workshops.

The collaboration and exchange of experience that is made possible through these workshops leads to solutions where risks are minimized and the possibility of success is optimized. NVH-problems range over many areas, which have to be addressed by different kinds of competences. They do not only address “noise, vibration and harshness” but also design matters.

This cross-functional aspect of our research and development work is of great importance when we are looking to make good business for all parts.

We value the long-term collaboration in a learning and developing organisation. This is sustainability in reality to us!

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