The silent sound of Quality

Antiphon Acoustic Laboratory

Lab and measurements

To be able to always offer high quality products regarding both processed and acoustic properties, Antiphon got our own laboratory where we can make the necessary measurements and controls, to make you as a customer comfortable with your order and delivery.

Reach your acoustic demands

Demands and a clear vision of what needs to be done is the main part in the work towards finding the right acoustic materials for the right function and a satisfying result, i.e. minimized noise and a better acoustic environment.

Problem analyses, loss factor calculations, measurements of sound absorption and comparisons of materials are tools we use to reach the right result in the customers end product.

Logo Antiphon Acoustic Academy

Sense of quality

The strive for quality has always been the leading star at Antiphon. In our own lab, we develop and secure the quality of our materials and products to optimize permeability, damping properties, design and fitting so that we always meet our customers’ demands and expectations in a satisfactory way.

With our products, unwanted sounds are reduced so that the everyday life can go on without any distractions or annoyances. With many years of experience and guarantied quality, we create more room for the sounds of laughter, music and the voices of our beloved ones.

Thanks to the silence from our high quality, you might even be able to hear the wind swishing through the deep forests of Värmland.

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We would love to give a presentation of our solutions regarding your needs and demands. Please contact us for a digital meeting.

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