The silent sound of Quality

Sustainable business

An ocean apart but still close

We are located in a small town in northern Europe, far away from customers in both Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. Despite this, half of our production is shipped long distances to big OEMs and their subcontractors.

Many of these customers have been with us since the 80s. We work hard to make our customers choose Antiphon for good NVH-solutions again and again despite geographically long distances between us. We promise you in contrary that the communication always is short distance to Antiphon.

Guided by the silence of the forests

Sound can affect us in the most varying ways; it can calm us and put us to sleep, it can make us remember things we thought we forgot and it can make us happy and excited. In the same way sounds can be disturbing and distracting, unpleasant sounds can make us uncomfortable, annoyed and even scared or angry.

Noise from traffic or construction work is often disturbing and tiring, while the soft rippling from a water stream is most often welcome. At Antiphon we produce sound damping materials with our factory situated in the deep forests of Värmland. Here, we do not hear the buzzing and noise from the big cities and most of our employees live in the country side.

Maybe it is our love for the calm and comforting forests that make us so good at noise reduction?

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