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Ventilation and building acoustics

Locate your noise source

Air movements, vibrating ventilation drums or air leakage in the wrong places can lead to a lot of undesired noise that in turn can lead to stress and bad working conditions in your work space. We know that quiet surroundings give the employees better chances to reach their full potential.   

Reach your demands

Good ventilation is key for a good in-house environment and good working conditions are everything for a sustainable corporate culture where the employees are thriving.

Ljudvåg i regnbågsfärger för tysta lösningar

Measures to succeed

Acoustic problems of various kinds need attending to in an early stage for a fully satisfying solution. Antiphon has experience from working with building acoustics in many different ways and settings – from damping the sounds of steps on stone floors to minimizing vibrations in the Årsta bridge in Stockholm.

Sound and vibration affects people in both outdoor as well as indoor environments and demands analysing from many different perspectives at the beginning of a project before settling for a solution. The right measuring methods and thorough analyses improve the chances to find a satisfying solution to the problem with a good end result – a good acoustic environment.

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