The silent sound of Quality

Sound reduction & quiet solutions

Modern techniques give us opportunities to improve the parts of our lives that is disturbed by unwanted sounds. Technical solutions help us measure and analyse sounds and vibrations so that we can dampen the sources and anticipate the effect of acoustic solutions.

Ljudvåg i regnbågsfärger för tysta lösningar

Decades of experience in acoustics

Antiphon AB stands for decades of experience in acoustics, both in terms of materials and technical solutions. Through the years we have developed and produced a wide range of noise control materials and products, often in close cooperation with our customers. With our long history we secure the quality through know-how and experience, because the sense of quality in all areas is essential for everyone working in Antiphon AB.

NEWS! LDK our premium solution for structure-borne sound dampening
If you seek a material that is both light weight and gives an excellent vibration damping in a broad spectrum of temperatures – then the LDK is our advice.
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Ongoing sustainability work - new purification catalyst
Antiphon is in the middle of one of the greatest investments for several years, where we will improve the purification of emissions with a new purification catalyst.
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Antiphon Acoustic Laboratory - measurements and controls
In our own lab, we make the necessary measurements and controls of our materials as well as helping customers find the right acoustic materials for their needs.
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The silent sound of quality

The sense of quality has always been a corner stone in our business at Antiphon. With the help from our products, noise is reduced and dampened so that everyday life will go on without distractions and annoyances.

With many years of experience and with guaranteed quality, we make space for the sounds of laughter, music and the voices of beloved ones.

Thanks to the high quality, maybe you will even hear the sound of the wind swishing through the forests of Värmland.

To reach your demands & find your noise source

In the start of the construction of all vehicles there is an acoustic demand and we know how important it is that everything works smoothly – but not always do.

Tysta lösningar för fordon i yrkestrafiken. Silent solutions for vehicles in commercial traffic.
Lösningar för laddningsbara fordon i yrkestrafiken

New acoustic demands give new challenges

With a tradition of innovation and technical competence, Antiphon is a leading supplier in the development towards a quieter and greener electrified future.

Chargeable vehicles take a bigger and bigger part of the market and at Antiphon we work purposely to find new technical solutions customized for a new kind of car industry

A quiet space is part of a good work environment

Good ventilation is key for a good in-house environment and good working conditions are everything for a sustainable corporate culture where the employees are thriving. Air movements, vibrating ventilation drums or air leakage in the wrong places can lead to a lot of undesired noise which in turn can lead to stress and bad working conditions in your work space.

Ventilation för bra arbetsmiljö
Ljud från kollektivtrafiken

The sound of laughter, not the noise from traffic

Public transport is used by hundreds of thousands of people daily. Busses, trains and subways transport people from their jobs, schools and activities every day.  When we spend time in public transport we shouldn’t have to think about the sound of the train tracks beneath the train, the wind swishing around the body of the bus or the ventilation in the metro station.

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