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antiphon® MPM™ – structure-borne sound damping laminate

MPM stomljudsdämpande laminatplåt

Dampen vibrations and replaces existing sheet metal

antiphon® MPM™ fulfils two requirements – it not only dampens structure-borne sounds, but also replaces already existing sheet metal. This means that in most cases you don’t have to add material to dampen the construction which leads to lower weight, more space and less costs.

antiphon® MPM™ is used for a wide range of applications, mainly within the automotive industry, but also for other industry and customer applications.

MPM sandwich

What is antiphon® MPM™?

antiphon® MPM™ is a flexible and weldable sandwich consisting of two metal sheets with a viscose elastic layer in the middle.

There are several variations of the product which efficiently dampens structure-borne sounds without adding any weight to the product.

This is antiphon® MPM™

Efficient structure-borne sound damping

antiphon® MPM™ is the most efficient structure-borne sound damping material in relation to its weight. antiphon® MPM™ fulfils two requirements. It not only dampens structure-borne sounds, but also replaces already existing sheet metal.

This means that in most cases you don’t have to add material to dampen the construction which leads to lower weight and thickness.

Structure-bourne sound damping laminate removes the need of further shielding or sound absorption, which otherwise would take up both space and add to the weight. 

Formable and weldable sandwich laminate

antiphon® MPM™ is a formable sandwich consisting of two metal sheets with a visco elastic layer in the middle. The two metal sheets in the antiphon® MPM™-construction is often cold rolled or coated steel plates, but any type of metal or alloy can be used.

Today the sandwich is made out of laminated cold rolled sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal and aluminium.

Acoustic inner layer

The sheet metal laminate is delivered with different kinds of acoustic inner layers depending on the temperatures in which the final product shall work, ranging from +5°C to +125°C.

This makes it possible to reach maximal vibrational structure-borne sound damping when the material is being used in different kinds of applications such as engine parts, car bodies, household appliances or office machines.


Areas of use

antiphon® MPM™ is used in a broad range of applications, mainly in the automotive industry but also in other industrial and customer products. This sandwich material is superior for structure borne sound damping within many different areas.

Truck parts

Heavy vehicles where low frequency sounds often arise in the engine can be helped with MPM-constructions in the sound source. Vibrating oil pans or cylinder head covers are typical applications where single sheet metal is replaced by MPM.

Vehicle body parts

If the vehicle body needs vibration dampening the MPM laminate is a great substitution for the original steel metal. This often contribute to a high feeling of quality as well as a good acoustic environment.

Vehicle components

Vehicle components where MPM is used with great result are engine parts, shields or protective covers. The structure-borne sounds are effectively reduced with different kinds of acoustic inner layers which are specifically adapted to different temperature areas depending on the use of the end product

Heavy industry

Heavy industry often has a high level of noise and buzz. To improve the work space, you can construct shields and covers with MPM laminate. When air-borne sounds adds to the structure-borne sounds, MPM can be used together with other absorbing materials to help reduce the unwanted noise.

Off shore

Off shore sites usually have high demands on their acoustic performance from several aspects in living and working spaces. MPM has been used in varying constructions and ventilation solutions off shore to produce a comfortable acoustic environment.

Machines and household appliances

Machines, mills and production facilities can be made quieter if MPM replaces single sheet metal applications in parts that vibrates or in other ways creates unwanted sounds.

The closer heat pumps, washing machines and other household appliances get to the living spaces the more they need sound damping. Both MPM, damping pads and absorbing materials are used to create a satisfying sound solution in or around the customer’s final products.

Sustainability aspects

Miljöbild på svensk sjö i Årjäng med skog och vindkraftverk

Positive impact

Because it helps create a good acoustic atmosphere without adding any weight, our MPM is efficient both from the material and the weight perspective. The material is also recyclable and has a long life cycle.

Negative impact

Steel is a material that demands a lot of resources when produced, both regarding energy and raw materials. The amount of recycled raw material is not defined. The laminate consists of small, but still, fossil-based polymer materials.


Today, steel is a necessary component in a vehicle. To keep down the amount of pollution from production and transport we buy Swedish steel, which is produced with relatively low emissions.

We are working to keep the laminating process as clean as possible. Today the emission cleanliness is 95%, but the goal is 97%.

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