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Other possibilities

Locate your noise source

We believe in our products and their abilities to contribute to a better acoustic environment in a broad range of different situations. For a long time, our focus has been within automotive industry and the ambition to make our materials and their areas of use as suitable as possible and as environmental friendly as possible is always with us in every part of the production.

We are sure that we are yet to discover other areas of use for our products and we are always ready to take on new challenges within new situations and new kinds of applications. Together with new customers we can broaden our horizon.

Reach your demands

The need for sound reducing materials can occur in all different kinds of products and situations. Industrial environment where noisy lines of production or machine parks takes up the space are areas where the solution has to be unique and individualized.

If we can be of help, we would love to – we are no longer than a phone call away. Welcome to contact us!

Ljudvåg i regnbågsfärger för tysta lösningar

Measures to succeed

To find the “invisible” sounds can help you find a sense of solidity in your end product. A sound absorbing material can complement your product and give it a higher feeling of quality and stability.

We have experience from varying areas such as sound damping furniture in concert halls and kitchen sinks in commercial kitchens to minimize noise where it doesn´t belong. The possibility for a more silent environment is found in our collaboration.

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We would love to give a presentation of our solutions regarding your needs and demands. Please contact us for a digital meeting.

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